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What is it?


Imagination (stylized as IMAGINATION) is a video game where the player must draw a picture, and after the set time limit (2 minutes, 1 minute or 30 seconds for easy, normal and hard respectively), will be randomly given a grade, with A+ being the highest and F being the lowest. The chance to achieve these scores is affected by the difficulty.

What's special about it?

IMAGINATION was a game that originated as a choose-your-adventure book. You'd make your decisions, go to the pages and see what'd happen. The current style of the game is reminiscent of that.

IMAGINATION would use AI to grade your drawings (Figure out what you had drawn, compare the likeness to similar drawings of it and based on the percentage, give a grade), however, in it's alpha stage, IMAGINATION just used RNG to decide your grade.

What's up with it now?

IMAGINATION was cancelled on 23/5/22. I didn't see a future for this game without AI implementation, and the game was always meant to be a prototype, and I wanted to work on other projects as my motivation for this project had worn out.

What was it made with?

IMAGINATION was made with the Unity framework (version 2019.4), and coded with C#.

Where can I play it? (released 26/12/21):

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