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What is it?


FE2Desktop is an action-platformer fan-game of Flood Escape 2 by Crazyblox Games where the player must escape themed maps that are flooding, while having to press buttons to open passageways for you to escape the flood and get to the end.

What's special about it?

FE2Desktop was always meant to be a side project of mine to IMAGINATION and as a prototype since it was my first 3D game I had made and also to test my map making skills, however, it became one of my main projects. FE2Desktop has low-poly recreations of 4 maps, Lost Woods, Flood Island, Lava Tower and Familiar Ruins.

What's up with it now?

FE2Desktop is still in development, however, development is slow. 3 maps have been finished so far, however, Familiar Ruins is taking quite a while to finish. A demo is currently available for the game featuring Lost Woods as the only available map.

FE2Desktop is expected to release Q4 2023.

What was it made with?

FE2Desktop was made with the Unity framework (version 2019.4), and coded with C#. Some models were created with Blender.

Where can I play it? (april fools version only, released 1/4/23):

demo (released 1/6/22):

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