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Website back up! Long time no see!


Forums have been removed, portfolio and home was updated, back buttons were added and a privacy policy has been added! yay :)


🡻 scroll down for earlier blog entries 🡻


lol happy new year

long time no see but whatevs

here's what I have to say:


so release date pushed back to 2023, trailer is out, demo has been extended till the full release of FE2Desktop. honestly really burnt out I have other stuff to do which is getting in the way of developing FE2Desktop. although i am working on it, but really slowly, it will come out eventually, but not anytime soon.


ok I know I said no new updates and that imagination is cancelled, but v.alpha.2.2 is coming out soon, and it will fix some major issues and add some quality-of-life changes

-Keybinds (esc to exit, 1 to draw, keybinds can be edited in settings)

-Music (made by me lol)

-Fixing drawing offset

-Everything in the game uses Drawful, a font I made

-Grade rarity adjusted so that its more balanced

-Some other misc changes here and there and bug fixes

Don't have a planned release date but its being worked on.


I'll promise to update this blog more now ok love y'all



Wow, has it been a while since I last updated my blog, let me update you on what's been happening.


Trailer's nearly done, although unity crashing when entering play mode has really been a pain the past few months. Familiar Ruins is almost done, although some issues that I've yet to find a fix for still remain, although I'd rather spare the details.


It honestly breaks my heart to say this, but unfortunately, IMAGINATION has been canceled. Honestly, I've completely lost motivation to finish the project. IMAGINATION will still be up on itch, receiving major bug fixes if necessary, but no extra features such as Multiplayer.

This is honestly really sad as I've spent the past 3 years designing and imagining(see what I did there) how it'll turn out, but instead, that's all turned to waste. 

FE2Desktop will still be worked on, although at a slower pace because I really want to focus on other enjoyable things.


Developing games is really unenjoyable for me right now, I don't have a lot of motivation to finish these games, but I give myself deadlines to force myself to push on, and obviously, it doesn't work and instead, makes me more stressed.

Over the holidays, I hope to make games at my own pace, rather than rush to complete deadlines. I'm really sorry to all those waiting for FE2Desktop.

-NoFaceGames :)



Lava Tower has been finished! Familiar Ruins is next and then finally, releasing it to



guys i bought a new ssd they fit 1TB into such a small pack how did they do that lol



Website is back up! Forums have now been added, come and talk about stuff and remember to follow the forum guidelines. 404 error page was changed sightly.



A major website update is scheduled for 19/2/22, which will bring forums to the website. During then, the website may experience downtime. This is just a heads-up. To stay updated on the website's status, follow our twitter.



Taking a break from making FE2Desktop maps. Instead, I'll be working on updating the movement system so that its easier to control and is more like the original.

Familiar Ruins is still work in progress.

Soon, I'm gonna be getting beta testers to test out my game, if you'd like to be a part of them, contact me at my email.


A major website update is to be rolled out soon with the addition of forums to the website. During the update process, the website may be down. To stay updated, we recommend you to follow our twitter, which can be found on the contact page.

Both the mobile blog page and 404 error page were updated to look better.


Hey y'all,

We now have a domain connected! (

Website: is now the new domain connected to the website!

also, wix ads are gone yay!

I hope y'all enjoy the easier-to-type URL!


IMAGINATION - Version alpha.2.1.2 released (31/1/22)

-IMAGINATION can now be downloaded from the itch app.

-Minor bug fixes

-Some unity preferences changed to make the game run better and look more visually appealing

Plans to let IMAGINATION become a WebGL game, would you prefer that? (Downloads will still be available)


Hey y'all,

first blog update.


Flood Island is finished, now working on Lava Tower.



Hey y'all,

blog is up on the website now! wip, of course.

This is where ill be posting updates n' stuff.

stay tuned, everyday ill plan to update this blog with something new.

Game Development:

this is where i fill in stuff about game development updates

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