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What is it?


A Pie Charts Game (stylized as apc-game) is a roleplaying game where you complete an objective, relating to pie charts. However, to get this objective, you will have to answer questions related to pie charts with the help of your Pi-Pad.

What's special about it?

I consider apc-game as one of the best games I have ever made. It is a combination of all the things I learnt with unity in one single game. apc-game was also a game I made for school, and I consider it to be the sequel to anp-game. It is also the biggest game I have made so far, at around 600 megabytes, and v.1.3, it'll bump it up to close to 1 gigabyte!

What's up with it now?

apc-game is still in development, with v.1.3 set to release soon! A public release is also being planned on soon.

What was it made with?

apc-game was made with the Unity framework (version 2019.4), and coded with C#. 

Where can I play it?

apc-game is not available for the public to play. However, things are handled on a case-by-case basis. Contact me via the contact page and we'll discuss.

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